My mobile grooming table allows me to provide a full grooming service in the comfort of your own home. It’s perfect for busy humans who don’t have time to make appointments at a salon, and great for dogs who are happiest in familiar surroundings.  I can groom your dog after their walk so you can return home to find an exercised, handsome and sweet-smelling hound!

I’ll bring a full cleaning kit and will leave no trace once your dog has had their beauty treatment.

Services offered include:

·         Nails

·         Bath and blow-dry

·         Full style

·         Hand stripping


Dogs will be walked in small groups of up to 4 (or 5 when Tina comes along). Most dogs love this pack experience; it’s great for play, socialising and exercise. I try to go to a few different places each week so dogs that walk on a regular basis are getting a little bit of variety in their life!  I always try to promote positive behaviours and a fun atmosphere on our walks.


A pack walk isn’t for everyone. If your pup needs a little bit more me-time, a one on one walk can be arranged that meets you and your pooch’s requirements

If your dog or cat (…or rabbit, guinea pig, micro-pig or hedgehog) just needs to be let out, fed or have some love and cuddles I can arrange a time to suit you both.

I offer a limited day-care service. Your dog will spend the day with me and Tina, getting all the love and attention they deserve and lots of exercise.

A house sitting service when you are on holiday will allow your pet to relax and maintain their routine in the comfort of their own home. I’ll keep you updated throughout and can send you a daily snap if you’d like pictures of your pooch!  I can supply house sitting references on request.

If your pet becomes unwell or is in need of an emergency trip to the… *said in a whisper*… vets. I can pick them up, take them to and from their appointment and let you know everything that was discussed in detail.

Daisy has been walking our very lively cocker spaniel three times a week for about six months now. She is great with Lennie - you can tell that he has been properly exercised! - and always totally organised and reliable. She also dog sat in our house when we went on holiday recently which was lovely for the dog and lovely for us. I would recommend her wholeheartedly.
— Aurea N16 2014